Short Stories by Rick Jankowski

Speculative and Sensitive Fiction

The Sound of Midnight Fire, a collection of my 30 published short stories, is now available on

All of the stories in this collection have been previously published in small presses, literary magazines and Ezines.

This collection includes two Pushcart Prize nominated stories: The Deception, a tale about a dying Chicago Cubs fan and his son, who will do anything to ensure the Cubs win; and The Edifice, a story about a star roving anthropologist who makes a startling discovery about God.

Also included are: 

  • The Pepper Mill, a story about an artifact that can make its owner rich beyond imagination; 
  • Sometimes on Mondays, a tragic tale of unrequited love;  
  • The Jimmy Bertucci stories, which chronicle the humorous adventures of a college con artist on the make;
  • Of Time, Fraud and Thieves, in which crooks travel through time to steal stuff -  and sell it on Ebay; 
  • The Conspiracy, the story of two little boys who set out to prove there's no Santa Claus; 
  • The Sound of Midnight Fire, a haunting piece about the last novel ever written, and,
  • Trouble Magnet, a fan favorite, which shows why a gift is sometimes the best way to get revenge.

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